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Craig and Donna: a case study in the injustice of intestacy.

No Will, No Justice? The heartache of intestacy. I’ve not done my Tax Return yet.  It’s mid January now and I must get it to done by the end of this month or HMRC will hit me with fines and penalties.  Typical me I suppose – leaving things to the last minute.  Trouble is there’s… Read more »

Intestate Craig and Incensed Donna. How not making a Will can lead to a costly injustice

 No Will, No Justice? In the second of three articles, David continues the sad tale of intestate Craig and incensed Donna In the first of these articles, I compared not making my Will with not submitting my Tax Return on time. I commented that at least the Taxman tells me both his deadline and the penalties… Read more »

Call for change to perception of later life

A recent survey by Age Scotland has found that 82% of the Scots surveyed would like society to change its view of later life and leave behind the negative stereotypes associated with growing older. The research found that 77% of Scottish adults are looking forward to living longer. Around 74% said diet was the most… Read more »

Families find financial discussions difficult

Conversations about retirement and aging are always tricky – as shown by a recent American study that found a significant lack of proactive discussion and engagement between family members on key financial topics. The company behind the research, wealth management firm Merrill Lynch, says that this is a cause for concern, as a lack of… Read more »