Trainee Solicitor – Update: March, 2022

We are delighted to announce that, having received over 50 applications and having interviewed 7 candidates, we have now appointed a Trainee Solicitor, who will join our team at or around the beginning of May this year.

The very high calibre of the candidates reassures us that the solicitor profession in Scotland has a bright future.

We look forward to introducing our new Trainee Solicitor to our clients over the coming months.

What’s it like being a Trainee at Gebbie & Wilson?

Both Catherine Black and Eva Kwok carried out their traineeship with Gebbie & Wilson between 2018 and 2020. Both have stayed with us as qualified solicitors. Here is what they thought of their traineeship experience with us:-

Catherine says

My time as a trainee solicitor with Gebbie & Wilson was a rewarding and inspiring experience.  I was given immediate first-hand experience of real conveyancing transactions and involved in client contact from the initial stages by my supervisor. This allowed me to gain the confidence that is integral to life as a practising solicitor.

It became clear to me early on that everyone at Gebbie & Wilson is working towards a common goal and the support of my colleagues at every level was a great comfort when I was new and unsure. This allowed me to fully understand the work involved in my role and learn the legal principles behind each task. 

As a trainee, I always felt valued as a member of the team and was afforded a safe learning environment where there were no stupid questions.  The Partners’ attitude to developing my knowledge and career has allowed me to thrive in my role and find my place as a qualified solicitor at Gebbie & Wilson post-qualification. Even as a trainee, I felt that my opinion was valued and my input was welcomed when decision making relevant to my training was made (e.g. organising Continuous Professional Development).

Overall, I would summarise that Gebbie & Wilson provides a unique and rewarding training experience that will fully prepare you for becoming a qualified solicitor.   The close-knit team and supportive attitude of the Partners is a great framework for a successful traineeship.


Eva says

I had applied at numerous firms before securing my training contract at Gebbie & Wilson Solicitors in November 2018. I was invited to an interview and right from the start, I felt so at ease and welcomed.  The partners are very approachable and friendly and this set the tone for the rest of my traineeship with Gebbie & Wilson.

My traineeship was mainly focused on Conveyancing but there were also opportunities to do Private Client work. My supervising partner was very supportive.  I was always able to ask for guidance or direction and he would take the time to explain it to me in great detail.

What I loved most about being a trainee solicitor is that every day was different. When I first started, my supervising partner immediately involved me in transactions by taking me into client meetings so that I can see first-hand what happens in the instruction taking process.  This opened up a broad range of experiences for me as each transaction has its own unique circumstances.  There was no pressure at all, any questions I had, I could ask after the meeting.  I would also shadow the support staff over administrative tasks so that I had a step by step of how a transaction would progress from start to finish.  I was encouraged to start drafting application forms and looking at legal documentation to familiarise myself with the styles.  Gradually, I would become more involved in client meetings and the drafting of Missives and Dispositions.

I can honestly say that my traineeship at Gebbie & Wilson was an excellent experience.  The firm is one that values its trainees and gives them the opportunity to carry out real legal work from the outset.  There is close communication and relationship between each member of the team.  Someone will always be available to help or for you to ask any questions; there is so much to learn from the Gebbie & Wilson family.