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Craig and Donna: a case study in the injustice of intestacy.

No Will, No Justice? The heartache of intestacy. I’ve not done my Tax Return yet.  It’s mid January now and I must get it to done by the end of this month or HMRC will hit me with fines and penalties.  Typical me I suppose – leaving things to the last minute.  Trouble is there’s… Read more »

Intestate Craig and Incensed Donna. How not making a Will can lead to a costly injustice

 No Will, No Justice? In the second of three articles, David continues the sad tale of intestate Craig and incensed Donna In the first of these articles, I compared not making my Will with not submitting my Tax Return on time. I commented that at least the Taxman tells me both his deadline and the penalties… Read more »

November – The Perfect Month to Make Your Will

Why?… Because November is Will Aid Month and, in exchange for a donation to the Will Aid charities, we at Gebbie and Wilson will write your Will for free! But isn’t it complicated and time-consuming? No, it doesn’t have to be. Indeed there are only two essential elements to your Will – appointment of your… Read more »

Lanarkshire woman leaves many generous bequests

A former head teacher has left a number of generous bequests to her neighbours in Motherwell, reports the Daily Record. Dorothy Fairlie died last November at the age of 92 and left an estate worth around £1.6 million. She never married, and apparently built up her estate through inheritances and the income she earned working… Read more »

Attitudes to wealth and inheritance

A recent study of America’s wealthy by private bank U.S. Trust has found that generational gaps in attitudes about leaving an inheritance have narrowed, and that work ethic and the transfer of financial skills and knowledge have the greatest influence on the next generation. The survey found that only one-quarter of all survey respondents attribute… Read more »