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Carol’s Home Staging Tips

How to steal a march on the competition

January:  the time for making new plans and fresh starts. And your big project for this new year is to move home.  You’ve decided to market your own home for sale before looking seriously at purchasing. You need an idea of how well your home is likely to sell and what it is likely to fetch.  You call me in for a complimentary appraisal of your home. I meet with you there and, based on my unrivalled experience of the Strathaven property market, I give you my opinion of current value at your particular location within our specific market – Strathaven.

But every home is different from its neighbours. We want viewers to want to buy your home.  In order to do so, they need to be able to imagine themselves living there.  They need to see themselves cooking in your kitchen, relaxing in your lounge watching the tv and the children playing in the garden.

Home staging is about creating this desire. Bring out, put away, re-arrange or re-define.  There are lots of clever ways to present your home in the best possible light in order to make it stand out to buyers and generate a quicker and better sale for you.

This is why part of my marketing strategy for your home will always be staging.   I will  provide a fresh pair of eyes, suggesting the little touches that you can implement right now to make a big difference.  Stage Well – Sell Faster, Sell Better!

At Gebbie & Wilson we offer an integrated service that includes Estate Agency and Conveyancing (the legal process of selling and buying a home) under one roof, to give you a seamless, hassle free service from initial valuation to final sale. 

I extend a personal invitation to you to consult with me for a complimentary up-to-date market appraisal of your home, including my thoughts on how you can stage your home to its best advantage.

 To arrange this, you can call me on:

01357 520082

 Email me at:

 Or simply come in to Gebbie & Wilson in the Common Green

by Carol Lamont
Property Manager

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