At Gebbie & Wilson we get it.  We get it that making your Will is probably the most put-offable thing on your “To-Do” list.  It’s been on that list for months now – well, years to be honest – but it never quite makes it to the top.  Making a Will is boring, it’s depressing and it’ll keep – except that one of these days, it won’t!

At Gebbie & Wilson we’re passionate about Wills.  We believe that, with very few exceptions, every adult in Scotland should have a Will.  We’ve seen time and time again how a well drawn Will avoids unnecessary delays, expense and heartache when someone dies.  We’ve also seen, just as often, how the lack of such a Will can cause so many problems for families – and just at the very time when they are least able to cope with them.

So if you don’t have a Will – or if the one you do have no longer reflects your wishes – please come and speak to our Wills specialist Solicitor, Jan Bayley.  In total, the Will writing process might take up a couple of hours of your time – but it will be time well spent – we promise you.

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