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We all want what is best for our loved ones. Planning ahead to deal with difficult scenarios is one way we can look after our loved ones. One way to do this, is to put in place a power of attorney

Powers of Attorney in Scotland

A power of attorney allows you to appoint someone you trust to act on your behalf. An attorney can help with your affairs when needed or manage your affairs on your behalf if you lose capacity to do so yourself.

When a power of attorney is granted, the grantee has the power to manage the granter’s affairs in the granter’s best interests.

There are three main types of power of attorney available in Scotland: Simple power of attorney, continuing power of attorney and welfare power of attorney.

The first, simple power of attorney is the most straightforward and is used to manage another’s affairs when they are temporarily unable to – they may be in hospital or abroad for instance.

Continuing power of attorney allows the management of the granter’s financial affairs and welfare power of attorney, as the name implies, allows the granter to make decisions about personal welfare and care.

As with wills, there are certain legal requirements which must be met when drafting a power of attorney. Our expert family law solicitors can advise on these, including drafting, signing and registering powers of attorney.

If a power of attorney is not in place, a court order would need to be obtained to allow you to manage another person’s affairs. This is done by applying for a guardianship order.

As expert family lawyers, we can advise on all aspects of obtaining, granting, drafting and registering a power of attorney.

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