Snipplets from a Country Solicitor’s Chronicle



We love this night view of our office, painted for us by local artist, Kris McKinnon.  Look out for the daytime version – coming soon!

A selection of Kris’s work features in an Art Exhibition at St. Andrews Hospice, 1 Henderson Street, Airdrie ML6 6DJ (free entry), running until Sunday, 3rd September.   At this Exhibition, in aid of the Hospice’s Capital Appeal, over 100 paintings (including 10 very generously donated by Kris) are on display and available to purchase.

et separatim

It has lain, undisturbed in the murky depths of our deed safe for longer than anyone can remember.  A solid, cast iron strong box.  Very heavy – and very locked!  What lies within?

Step forward Russell “The Janitor” Paterson, with his expert assessment of the situation:  “Blowing it is too dangerous and I’ve left my lock picks at home.  It’ll have to be brute force!”.

Hammer connects with chisel connects with treasure chest – and bounces off it.

Redoubling his efforts, our Soon-to-be-Sixty Safe Cracker wields his mighty hammer once more… and… and…To be Continued


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