Agricultural Law

At Gebbie & Wilson we get it.  We get it that buying or selling your farm isn’t just like buying or selling a house, that agricultural leases are a minefield for the unwary and that wind turbine and utilities servitude agreements are way out of the comfort zone of most Farmers – and of most Solicitors!

In summary, at Gebbie & Wilson we get it that you are going to need specialist advice from a specialist Solicitor, who knows what they are doing and who will work with you as well as for you.  A Solicitor who is accessible as well as knowledgeable.

At Gebbie & Wilson

We do Conveyancing

We do Estate Agency

We do Wills & Estates

We do Powers of Attorney

We do Dispute Resolution

We do Agricultural Law

But most of all


We are happy to communicate with you by any of the modern methods that suits you. But we’d really like to meet you first. To find out about you and what we can do to help you.

We have been here for 200 years and we’d like to be here for 200 more. That’s about building long term relationships with our clients – and THAT is what WE DO.